Inform & Educate

Thanks to off-the-shelf solutions, anyone can pull together a meeting, conference or seminar over the Internet. However, given the sophistication of today’s online audiences, broad perceptions matter as much as—if not more than—specific material. TriMed Media has the technical expertise to make all your webcasting polished and professional. TriMed webcast offerings include customized marketing programs to boost attendance and, in the process, build awareness of your brand and your offerings.

Video Webinars

We’ll make this a painless process for you. Not only will we handle all pre- and post-production details, but we’ll also spearhead the effort to publicize the session. When applicable, we’ll even make sure to send off each attendee with action-spurring deliverables.

Audio Webinar

Podcast-like audio presentations can be augmented with slides, either supplied by you or created by TriMed. We’ll conduct the interviews and take care of the editing. For live events, we’ll host a 15-minute Q&A session upon completion of the presentations.

Roundtable Discussions

Few events draw and hold people’s attention like panels of distinguished experts discussing and debating the hot topic of the day. We’ll set up the session and make sure it provides your customers and prospects with actionable insights on an issue or development that has some bearing on your performance in the marketplace.