Digital Ad Specs

Digital Banner Ad Spcification

Ad Size Width (pixels) Height (pixels)
Billboard 970 250
Rectangle 300 250
Leaderboard 970 90
Mobile Leaderboard 320 50
Landscape 728 90
Tower 300 600
  • Accepted formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, Animated GIF, Flash/SWF
  • Flash/SWF, DC tags ads must have Click-Tag embedded
  • Flash v10 or earlier; Action script 2 only, a backup static (non-flash) ad is required
  • No Flash/SWF ads on Newsletters
  • For Text Ads: 35 Words including title, please provide a re-direct link
  • Max file size: 40k
  • Please supply redirect link

HTML Requirements

  • Recommended width of 640 pixels
  • Use absolute URLs for all images – You must host images.
  • Do not use DIVs, use table cells for padding and/or margin
  • All formatting/styling needs to be in-line. Please keep CSS styling minimal
  • Avoid spacer images
  • Subject line: ~35 characters

Digital Magazine Ad Specifications

Ad Size Width (Inches) Height (Inches)
Two-Page Spread 17 11
Full Page 8.5 11
2/3 Page Vertical 4.5 9.5
1/2 Page 7.5 4.7
1/3 Page Horizontal 7.5 3
1/3 Page Vertical 2.75 9.5

  • Preferred Format: High-resolution PDF
  • Trim Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Please add 1/8 inch (.125”) bleed to all spread and full-page ads
  • All graphics used must be 300 DPI
  • Exclusive Top Banner Advertisement: JPG, GIF, PNG or SWF: Live area dimensions 1280 x 60 pixels at 72 DPI. Background of banner should extend to 2500 x 60 pixels.
  • Exclusive Opposite Cover Intro Advertisement: Recommended dimensions 500 x 500 pixels at 300 dpi; Avoid using small typefaces. These will be illegible on smaller screens.
  • Two-page spread ads should be designed so that each page can appear as a single page.

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