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Meet the Team

With offices in historic Providence, RI and downtown Chicago, TriMed Media brings topnotch resources and experience to support your marketing efforts. Over the years we’ve amassed the market knowledge, the clinical comprehension and the technical know-how you need to build your business and bolster your bottom line through our custom content and media brands. Meet our team below.

Editorial Team

Mary Tierney

VP, Chief Content Officer

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(312) 893-5120 ext. 705

Nicholas Leider

Managing Editor

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(312) 893-5120 ext. 718

Kathy Boyd David

Editor, Cardiovascular Business

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(312) 893-5120 ext. 714

Dave Pearson

Editor, Radiology Business Journal

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(312) 893-5120 ext. 709

Michael Walter

Digital Editor
Radiology Business

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(312) 893-5120 ext. 712

John Gregory

Senior News Writer

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(312) 893-5120 ext. 719

Cara Livernois

Senior News Writer
Clinical Innovation

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(312) 893-5120 ext. 717

Daniel Allar

Senior News Writer
Cardiovascular Business

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(312) 893-5120 ext. 715

Subrata Thakar

Senior News Writer
Social Media Coordinator

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(312) 893-5120 ext. 710

Matt O’Connor

Senior News Writer
Health Imaging

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(312) 893-5120 ext. 713

Anicka Slachta

News Writer
Cardiovascular Business

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(312) 893-5120 ext. 707

Melissa Rohman

News Writer
Health Imaging

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(312) 893-5120 ext. 711

Client Services

Jack Spears

President & CEO

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(800) 874 0495 ext. 700

Scott Andersen

VP, Sales & Marketing

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(800) 874 0495 ext. 701

Tyler Davis

Ad Operations Manager

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(800) 874 0495 ext. 704


Jay Ren

Digital Production Coordinator

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(312) 893-5120 ext. 702

Matthew Burdick

IT Coordinator

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(401) 383-5660 ext. 703